Durrin Productions

May 2009 – March 2010

A small production company run by Ginny Durrin whose main focus has been a documentary called Bombs in Our Backyard, although she has made other features tackling important issues. In the role as office/production assistant I mainly helped her work on this production. My duties included:

Transcribing over 40 hours of footage for “Bombs in Our Backyard” documentary.

Organizing and indentifing relevant and character driven footage for documentary.

Shooting stock footage of neighborhood for b-roll.

Chosing which character story lines to develop and follow.

● Maintaining logbooks and organized over two dozen transcripts.

Here’s the link to her Durrin Productions site: http://www.durrinproductions.com/home.html

Here’s the link to Bombs in our Backyard: http://www.bombsinourbackyard.com/

NAHB Production Group Inc.

August 2009 – May 2010

NAHB Production Group Inc, is a division of the National Association of Home Builders that not only makes in house videos for NAHB but also produces programming for such HGTV and The Learning Channel (TLC). Two of their more well known shows, that I helped work on were Indoors/Out and Rock Solid both of which are home improvement type shows.

In this internship, which was one of my longest, I was given lots of great hands on experience with the world of television production. My main position here was as a production assistant intern where I helped mostly with post production duties which included

●Transcribing, dubbing and logging for “Indoors/Out” and “Rock Solid”, weekly programs produced by NAHB Production Group for the DIY Network.

●Creating music queue sheets for episodes.

●Managing and gathering personal release forms for show participants.

●Creating DVD copies of finished episodes to send to sponsors.

●Logging over a dozen tapes for “Detroit Undercover”, a pilot produced by NAHB Production Group for the A&E Network

●Serving as on set production assistant for episode of  “Indoors/Out”

Link to NAHB Production Group Inc: http://www.nahbprods.com/

America Abroad Media

April – December 2010

Here I served as a Multi-Media Assistant Intern. Some of my duties included handling the twitter feed by sending out dozens of tweets every day both promoting AAM’s programming and informing our followers about important world events. I also uploaded pictures from around the world taken by AAM’s reporters to our flickr site and uploaded clips from the program PUL to our youtube site. Other duties entailed:

●Conducting research into other media venues to see how to attract followers for AAM.

●Maintaining twitter and youtube accounts, uploading video content and at least a dozen twitter stories a day.

●Transcribing interviews to be put on the blog and company website.

●Editing full-length segments to 3-5 minutes segments to generate interest and drive web traffic to the full interviews.

●Adding English subtitles to foreign specials and interviews using Final Cut Pro.

●Editing seven promotional videos for our PUL program to be put online.

Here’s a link to the site: http://americaabroadmedia.org/

Editing work at AAM:

AAM had a program called PUL that was a program that looked at various American issues from a foreign standpoint. The host Mariam Atash Nawabi usually interviewed or had round table style discussions with several people in every episode. One of the duties I had at AAM was to take an episode, usually about 22 minutes long, and compress it into a 3 -5 minute long trailer/clip for youtube. Here’s my work.

Pul- Former First Lady Laura Bush PUl talks to former First Lady Laura Bush about her involvement in Afghanistan and her continuing work to help Afghan women.

Rule of Law and the US Justice System Pul takes a look at the D.C. Superior Court and interviews Lee Satterfield, the Chief Justice to better understand the justice system

Pul- A Day in the Life of a Student PUL chats with a Muslim student about adjusting to college life in America and living in an American dorm.

Pul – India’s relationship with Afghanistan PUL hosts a roundtable discussion about the future of Afghanistan and the important role India plays in it.

Pul- Drug Addiction PUL talks to Imam Bilal Ali, a former drug addict about how Islam guided him on the path to recovery.

Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington DC PUL speaks with delegates at the U.S. –Muslim World Entrepreneurship Conference about they developed their businesses and the keys to success.

Pul – U.S. Public Opinion on Afghan Troops PUL hosts a round table discussion about the public reaction the president sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Finally, here’s a link to the America Abroad Media website:  http://americaabroadmedia.org/

Setzer Films / Timak Myers Music Video

Production Assistant for Tamika Myers Music Video

July 17th to 18th, 2010

Setzer Films is a video production company, based in Prince Georges County, made a Music Video with local artist Tamika Myers about overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. The powerful video, which was shot over a weekend, utilized a large Baptist church to show a variety of different backdrops in the video. As a Production Assistant on the shoot, some of my duties involved:

●Setting up and operating the lights, c-stands and tripods on set.

●Managing important equipment such as the camera dolly and monitor.

●Dressing the sets for upcoming scenes.

Here’s the music video

Here’s a link to Setzer Films:  http://setzerfilms.com/


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