August 2012

Prometheus Studios, Inc / Food Paradise 4

August 8, 2012

Food Paradise, a show on the travel channel, filmed an episode at Faidley Seafood in Baltimore. I served as a production assistant and my main duties included:

●Handling and organizing all releases for show participants.

●Developing all production stills.

●Constructing lighting equipment for main interview.

NZK Productions / The Bachelor

August 15, 2012

I served a production assistant on a small crew that interviewed and did some b-roll with one of the possible candidates to be the bachelor on the tv show. My duties included:

●Assembling lighting kits and positioning them for interview and b-roll.

●Ensuring that all necessary camera equipment was available for b-roll shooting.

Ol’ Black Bear Productions / Snake

August 26 – 28, 2012

Ol Black Bear Productions is a production company, based in Silver Spring, that just started production on a short film called “Snake” The story is about love gone awry and deals with complex issues. My role on the project was as a grip and my duties included:

●Constructing and positioning all lighting equipment after each shot for best effect.

●Operating shotgun mike and audio gear during filming.

Here’s a link the black bear website:

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