DC Independent Film Festival

February 11 – March 4, 2012

The DC Independent Film festival is a five day long festival that brings together over 40 different films from all over the world. Both feature length films from Australia and Vietnam are presented next to shorts from America and Iceland. The festival celebrates unique and exciting filmmakers who truly stand out with their original works. Since my role in the festival was as the technical coordinator, some of my responsibilities included:

●Managing and organizing catalogue of 47 films that were shown during the festival.        

●Orchestrating and running all audio/video equipment for the three seminars that required it.

●Supporting the projectionist and running the projection booth in his absence.

DCIFF 2013

September 2012 – Present

This year for the festival, I’ve been helping with outreach in a few different ways which includes:

●Managing the festivals twitter account and facebook to keep people up to date and build up the audience.

●Sending out notices to various listserves and films schools to let them know about important announcements such as submission openings.

●Screening submitted films to see if they would fit into the festival.

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