February – March 2012

DC Independent Film Festival

February 11 – March 4, 2012

The DC Independent Film festival is a five day long festival that brings together over 40 different films from all over the world. Both feature length films from Australia and Vietnam are presented next to shorts from America and Iceland. The festival celebrates unique and exciting filmmakers who truly stand out with their original works. Since my role in the festival was as the technical coordinator, some of my responsibilities included:

●Managing and organizing catalogue of 47 films that were shown during the festival.       

●Orchestrating and running all audio/video equipment for the three seminars that required it.

●Supporting the projectionist and running the projection booth in his absence.

Deep Fried Entertainment / A Chance to Dance

March 26 – 29, 2012

Deep Fried Entertainment is a production company based in New York City. They came to DC to shoot part of a new reality show. We went all over the city to a variety of locations. My main duties were:

●Supervising and overseeing all equipment, making it accessible to production crew.

●Clearing locations and ensuring that shooting could proceed smoothly.

HogBlast! Productions / “Aim High” Music Video

March 20, 2012

Access Royale is local band based around Glover Park, Maryland and this is actually their second music video. Their first was shot in Los Angeles and is on their main site. The second video actually takes the form of a short story and looks to be pretty exciting. I was lucky enough to work on it as a pa and some of my duties included:

●Acting as Sound Mixer and operated boom mike.

●Assembling lighting kit and erecting lights for scenes.

Here’s the video


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