June 2013

Galileo Media Arts / Younger Auto Commercials

June 3rd and 4th, 2013

Galileo Media Arts is production company based out of upstate New York. For this project they were doing some promotional TV commercials for Mercedes, Toyota and Nissan dealerships in Maryland. I worked with them as a production assistant and some of my duties included:

●Assembled and operated crane for camera shoots.

●Miked participants with lavaliere mikes and constructed/disassembled diva and keno lights.

Here’s a link to the Galileo Media Arts Website: http://www.galileomediaarts.com/

Deltree / One Million Bones

June 7 – 10th, 2013

Deltree is a media production company based in New Orleans and New York. They recently partnered with one million bones which is a public installation and educational experience meant to raise people’s awareness of genocide and its human costs. Over a weekend in June over a million plaster and clay bones were laid out on the national mall to make people aware of the horrors of large scale war. Deltree helped document this and I served as a production assistant on the project. Some of my duties included:

●Interviewing and filming volunteers and witnesses to see how the installation affected them.

●Constructing California reflector, audio equipment and lights.

Heres the link to the One Million Bones Project:  http://www.onemillionbones.org/

Here’s a link to Deltree’s website:  http://thedeltree.com/

AFI Docs

June 19 – 23th, 2013

AFI Docs formally known as Silver Docs is a large documentary film festival that takes place in Downtown D.C. and Silver Spring, MD. They showed a total of 48 different documentaries from all over the world. I worked as a media manager/assistant editor with them and some of my responsibilities included:

●Offloading all film festival footage, organizing it onto drives and then transporting it back to Silver Spring for editing every night.

●Pulling the best video clips to use on daily’s and editing trailers.

Here’s a link to the AFI Docs site: http://afi.com/afidocs/default.aspx

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