May 2012

Magical Elves Inc. / Ford Focus webisode series

May 14 -16, 2012

Magical Elves Inc, a production company with offices in New York and LA, came to the DC Area to shoot part of their webisode series with Ford motor company. I worked as a production assistant on the shoot and some of my duties included:

●Supervising one of the film crews, managing their krafts services and ensuring they were able to get to all the designated shooting locations.

●Taking responsibility for all major production equipment, its transportation and guaranteeing its availability for crew members at any time.

Here’s a link to the Magical Elves Inc, website:

Bachelorette’s Degree

May 26 – July 1, 2012

I had a wide variety of roles on this film which was shot in the fairfax, virginia area. These roles included working as a production assistant, slating/assistant camera and assistant grip. Some of my duties included:

●Slating all shots and keeping log notes to ensure audio and video were marked in sync with each other and to assist in editing process.

●Moving, setting up and deconstructing lights, sound and video equipment.

●Documenting the shooting of the film through various behind the scenes photos.


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