November 2011

Marathon Prodcutions, Inc / America’s Got Talent

November 4th-6th, Washington D.C.

Marathon Produtions, Inc which produces America’s Got Talent came down to DC for auditions and while they were here, I had the great opportunity to work with them as a Production Assitant Driver. My main job was to transport key personal such as the producers and production crew from the main venue to the hotel they were all staying at and vice versa.  Some of my responsibilities included:

●Acting as runner for production staff and acquiring important supplies.

●Registering dozens of contestants to be auditioned.

●Setting up main staging areas.

Here’s a link to the America’s Got Talent Website:

Berkeley Productions / Master Chef

November 11th – 12th, 2011

Berkeley Productions, which produces the fox television show Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey, came down to Washington for a weekend to try and find some contestants. The shoot took place on Trinity University where over 400 people brought their best dishes and were given the chance to show why they should be the next Master Chef. I served as PA on this shoot and some of my duties included:

●Purchasing, transporting and handling all props and krafts materials.

●Organizing, collecting and managing over 3 dozen personal releases

● Disassembling key filming areas.

Here’s a link to the Master Chef website:


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