November 2012

Hi.GO. / Our House Campaign

November 8th, 2012

Our House is wonderful organization that helps abandoned, orphaned, abused and homeless teenage boys get their life back on track by giving them real life work skills, teaches them personal finance and allows them to earn a GED. I was lucky enough to work with local production company Hi.GO. on the first part of a video campaign that puts a spot light on this wonderful place. Some of my duties as a production assistant on the shoot included:

●Ensuring safety of lighting equipment during difficult weather conditions.

●Assembling, disassembled and operated lighting equipment during filming.

Here’s a link the Our House site:

Here’s a link to the Hi.Go. site:

Fly Girls / Dance Moms 3

November 9, 2012

Dance Mom’s is a reality show on the lifetime network and I served as a prodution assistant when they were filming in Virginia. Some of duties included:

●Handling and collecting all personal releases.

●Writing log notes during shooting for maximum audio accuracy.

Rocket Media Group / Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness

November 1, 2, 16, and 19th, 2012

For this project, I worked with Rocket Media Group and the Army at Fort Meade to shoot a video focusing on the importance of health and physical well living for soldiers and their families. I served as a production assistant and some of my duties included:

●Gathering and having releases signed from those who appeared on camera.

●Maintaining and filling out camera log sheets.

Here’s a link to the Rocket Media Group website:

Creative Liquid Productions / Homeland Security Trade Symposium

November 27 and 28, 2012

Creative Liquid Productions, a video production company based in Alexandria, shot video and webmasteerd for The Department of Homeland Securitie’s Trade Symposium. I worked with them and served as a production assistant on the shoot. Some of my responsibilities included:

●Monitoring the live feed of the symposium for those watching over the internet.

●Fielding and replying to questions sent via the web for the both the symposium and technical assistance.

Here’s a link to Creative Liquid Productions:


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