Professional Work

Editing work at America Abroad Media (AAM):

AAM had a program called PUL that was a program that looked at various American issues from a foreign standpoint. The host Mariam Atash Nawabi usually interviewed or had round table style discussions with several people in every episode. One of the duties I had at AAM was to take an episode, usually about 22 minutes long, and compress it into a 3 -5 minute long trailer/clip for youtube. I utilized Final Cut Pro 7 to do this. Here’s some of my work.
PUL- Former First Lady Laura Bush

PUL talks to former First Lady Laura Bush about her involvement in Afghanistan and her continuing work to help Afghan women.

Rule of Law and the US Justice System

PUL takes a look at the D.C. Superior Court and interviews Lee Satterfield, the Chief Justice to better understand the justice system
PUL- A Day in the Life of a Student

PUL chats with a Muslim student about adjusting to college life in America and living in an American dorm.

PUL – India’s relationship with Afghanistan

PUL hosts a roundtable discussion about the future of Afghanistan and the important role India plays in it.

PUL- Drug Addiction

PUL talks to Imam Bilal Ali, a former drug addict about how Islam guided him on the path to recovery.

Entrepreneurship Summit in Washington DC

PUL speaks with delegates at the U.S. –Muslim World Entrepreneurship Conference about they developed their businesses and the keys to success.

PUL – U.S. Public Opinion on Afghan Troops

PUL hosts a round table discussion about the public reaction the president sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Digital Media Course

I recently started taking a year long course all about Digital Media. One of the classes was Video for Social Media where we had to shoot and edit a few videos.

This first one was a video profile I did of my sister.

The second was a PSA about Project Clean Stream which is annual day for cleaning up rivers and streams in the DC metro area.

Avid Media Composer Practice Demos:

Here’s a little video I made while taking an Avid Media Composer training class. While it is a little rough, it does show off some of the editing techniques and skills that I learned to utilize while in the class.

This second video is rougher because I used the free 30 day trial to make this and it expired before I could finish adding text and editing the sound. I still think it does a good job of showing some of my basic editing skills.



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