September 2011

Ethics One / Training Video

September 19th – 20th, 2011

Ethics One is a small production company based out of Los Angeles, California whom I worked with on a small corporate training video. The training video was for a comapny called MITRE and is going to be used to teach new employees how to responsibly contain work related information. As an art department pa some of my duties included:

●Dressing sets for shooting and undressing them afterwards.

●Picking up and dropping off important set pieces.

●Collecting and managing props for shooting.

Here’s a link to Ethic One’s site:

Spots Films / Nickelodeon “Day of Play

September 22nd – 24th, 2011

Spots Films is a production company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. They helped produce some commercials and spots for Nickelodeons “worldwide Day of Play” event which was on September 24th in D.C. The idea behind the event was to promote physical fitness and being more active. I worked as a production assistant with Spots Films on these spots. Some of my duties included:

●Acting as a runner to procure critical supplies for production staff.

●Shuttling people to and from different locations to ensure event ran smoothly.

●Locking down the set to make sure shooting would go uninterrupted and quickly.

Here’s a link to the “worldwide Day of Play”:

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