Social Media Work

DC Independent Film Festival

September 2012 – Present

The DC Independent Film festival is a five day long festival that brings together over 40 different films from all over the world. Both feature length films from Australia and Vietnam are presented next to shorts from America and Iceland. The festival celebrates unique and exciting filmmakers who truly stand out with their original works. Starting in 2012, I took over the social media aspect of the festival because I thought it was being under utilized. Some of the social media work I do includes:

●Manage festival’s existing social media outlets and added new ones like Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and Google+.

●Track social media performance of various outlets using analytics to come up with new online strategies.

●Create online content and organize blog posts to help spread awareness of the festival.

●Screening submitted films to see if they would fit into the festival.

Here’s a link the DCIFF Website:

Word Wizards Inc.

February – present

Word Wizards, Inc. is a transcription and post production company based in Silver Spring, I’ve been helping with their social media and blog articles for their website. I’ve been writing a number of articles that cover number of topics that range from film festivals and documentary news to the social media advice and the latest happenings in the video and production realm. My responsibilities include:

●Write at least 3 articles a week for the website blog about video production issues and events.

●Direct online traffic to the Word Wizards, Inc. website.

●Network with various social media venues and groups to bring attention to the brand.

Here’s a link to Word Wizards Site :

Here’s a few of my blog articles

Documentary Filmmaking as the Ultimate Cultural Ambassador:

Tech Time With The RollerMouse Free2:

10 Commandments of Social Media Interaction:

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